28 Jun 2018

Mode's Guide to Campervans

Mode's Guide to Campervans

Choosing the right campervan means the difference between a good holiday, and a great one.

Here at Mode we’ve outlined all you need to know when making your decision.


A self-contained campervan is a vehicle that can function without outside resources for three days. This requires the camper to be fitted with a toilet and fresh and waste-water containment.

Where can Campers be Used?

There are many commercially run camping areas like motor camps or holiday parks, and some other options that have facilities that allow any sort of camper to stop there. So there are plenty of options when travelling in a non self-contained camper.

However there are some other places without facilities, commonly called freedom camping sites. As most of these freedom camping sites have no toilet or other water-based facilities, only campers properly certified as meeting the self-containment requirements may camp there. Fines may be issued if non-certified campers are found camping in these places.

We recommend you check the campsite requirements before you book or stay.

For more information about freedom camping, please visit the government guidelines HERE.

Non Self-Contained Camper Options


Mini camper

This Mini-Camper is based on a high-roof style station wagon providing sleeping for two within the vehicle, and with a custom attached tent at the rear to provide standing room, and some more shelter and space. The ultimate in compact camping. A smaller vehicle makes for an easier and more comfortable drive, and reduces the fuel cost.

Cost for a 30 day rental: $900 - $1,000 ($30 - $35 per day.)*

Check out dates and availability for our Mini-Campers HERE.

2 Seater Camper

2 Seater Camper

These van-based campers have everything you could want for an adventure holiday. The seats fold down into a bed and during the day, offer you all the space you need for your adventure gear. Cooking facilities and fresh water included. Perfect if you’re staying in commercial campgrounds.

Cost for a 30 day rental: $2,000 - $2,200 ($75 - $79 per day.)*

Check out dates and availability for our vans HERE.

4 Seater Camper

4 Seater Camper

This van is a similar size to our two-seater camper, but this one has four seats for travelling during the day. Come evening, the rear seats fold back and with some clever design, a flat surface is created so there’s sleeping room for two inside the van. A stretcher tent is included for the other two travellers so they can sleep outside the van, but off the ground. Cooking facilities and fresh water included. It’s a very compact and cost-effective package for four people travelling together and staying in commercial campgrounds.

Cost for a 30 day rental: $2,200 - $2,500 ($79 - $85 per day.)*

Check out dates and availability for our vans HERE.

Self-Contained Camper Options

Sizes range from cosy two-person campers, to luxury six-person behemoths. A great was to spend a few months travelling the country, opening up access to freedom camping sites.

2 Berth Self-Contained Camper

Unlike our other 2 berth camper, this one's self-contained, which opens up your possible locations for camping. Each self-contained van is kitted out with everything you need, plus a heap of space for all your gear.

Cost for a 30 day rental: $3000 - $3500 ($100 - $130 per day.)*

Check out dates and availability for our Self-Contained 2 berth camper HERE.

Larger Motorhome or Campervan (Self-Contained)


Will include bedding, a kitchenette, and portable or fixed toilet facilities. All the basics you need to survive. Moderately to well-appointed but the additional facilities and size do tend to push up the cost.

Cost for a 30 day rental (depending on size / number of berths) between : $4,800 - $8,700 ($170 - $310 per day.)*

Check out Britz’s selection HERE.

Check out Maui’s selection of Motorhomes HERE.

Large RV


Uncommon on New Zealand Roads, and not usually available to rent. Check out some more info HERE.

If you're still stuck on what camper you need, get in touch with us HERE, we're happy to help where we can!

*All prices are estimates based upon a 30 day peak-season hire. Changes may vary due to seasonal availability and size of vehicle. All prices in NZD.

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