9 Tips to Save Time and Money on Your Next Roadtrip!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

We’re now officially in Spring (with Summer just around the corner!) and we want you to be as prepared and relaxed as possible for Roadtrip season. So we’ve put together some tips from our team to help you save time and money when hitting the road.

1) Make snacks

This one will save you time AND money! Don’t stop off at every gas station on the road to grab chips and chocolate, instead go for the much cheaper option of bulk buying at a supermarket and preparing beforehand. The chances are snacks you make at home will be much healthier as well - no one wants to be cooped up in a car feeling sluggish!

2) Pre-book accommodation

We recommended pre-booking as much as you can. Sure it’s nice to have some spontaneity, but it’ll save money and stress if you’ve already paid ahead for places to stay. Look for the best deal by shopping around online on comparison sites like Trivago, Booking.com, and Expedia. But our biggest tip here is to call the accommodation, they’ll usually offer you a better deal to book direct.

3) Camp Where you Can

If you’re looking to save a whole heap, or just prefer to camp your way through New Zealand, there are a number of extremely cheap serviced camping sites across the country, or to stay for free, check out our blog on Freedom Camping.

4) Avoid Traffic

Sounds like a simple one, but you’d be surprised at how often road trips can be held up by long lines of clogged traffic. We have a couple of big cities around the country famous for traffic gridlock. Thanks to technology, this doesn’t need to be an issue any longer. Google Maps offers you the option to schedule your drive ahead so you can see traffic conditions in advance. A life-saver on a hot day in the car.

5) Coupons!

To save some money on attractions and events around the country stop into the Information Centres you come across on your travels. They usually have booklets and brochures full of local coupons and deals!

6) Stick to the Speed Limit

We know you’d never think about breaking the speed limit on our roads here in New Zealand. But in case you were wondering, here’s a few reasons not to. Firstly, it’s fuel-efficient to keep at a steady speed, and your wallet will love you for fuel-efficiency. Secondly, nobody wants to pay a fine on their holiday, the money would be much better spent on a great meal. And then lastly, imagine all the time you’ll waste being pulled over on the side of the road.

7) Use Free Wifi

Cash in on free wifi and avoid those huge roaming data costs. Free wifi is becoming more and more accessible across New Zealand, so it’s a great time to be travelling with smart devices. Our top three places to get free wifi are Public Libraries, Town Centres, and good old McDonalds. These three are reliable sources, however, some malls are bringing out free wifi so be sure to check as you travel around!

8) Find Cheap Carparks

Outside of the main city centres, there will be heaps of free parking around, so no need to worry there. But in the main cities parking is a hot commodity. To get the best deal out there you can use an app such as Park Mate, but our personal favourite is Parkable.

9) Get the Most From Your Fuel

Petrol prices can sometimes make your eyes water. Especially if you’re going to be touring the whole country. We’re putting together a full list of our tips and tricks to getting cheap fuel in a blog, but for now, we’ll just say Gaspy is the best tool to use to find great fuel prices close to wherever you might be.

We hope these tips give you a helping hand to save time and cash when you get out on the open road! Tag us in your best pics on Instagram @moderentals.

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