Find Autumn's Colours in New Zealand

Monday, March 16, 2020

Hawke’s Bay

A stunning drive across the North Island from our Auckland Airport branch, is Hawke’s Bay, known for its delicious wine and art deco culture. While there’s heaps to do like winery visits, wildlife tours, and calm beaches, our favourite Autumn activity is a slow walk to the Te Mata Peak. With the long walks taking around two hours, they are shorter walks for those looking for a more relaxed afternoon. Surrounded by nothing but nature, and featuring stretching views of the Pacific, we recommend an afternoon walk, in the hopes of catching some of that beautiful sunset light.

Bonus: Head down to the beach after your morning or afternoon walk and grab a classic bundle of fish and chips as you look out over the sea.

Our Pick: We think picking up a station wagon would be a good option given the length of the trip and the level of comfort you’ll be wanting after those long walks!


Clutha Gold Trail

If you’re not afraid to brave the chilly air, bundle up and grab a bicycle. Typically taking anywhere between 1 and 3 days to complete, there are four main towns on this cycle route, and dozens of picture-perfect highlights that will stun you with their beauty! So take your time and have a leisurely ride while you take in all the vistas Central Otago has to offer, showcasing a rainbow of those Autumn colours along the way! Check out some e-bike hire, luggage transfers to the end of the trail, and a suggested itinerary.

Bonus: If you pick up a rental at Christchurch you’ll get to spend a scenic drive south for about six hours, a great way to get pumped for the cycle ahead of you!

Our Pick: if you’re taking some riding gear with you, we’d recommend a spacious SUV to make sure you can fit everything in.


Lake Wakatipu

Grab a blanket and spend the evening shore-side, looking out across this pristine and glassy lake. Surrounded by trees, you’ll have The Remarkables mountains as the backdrop to your campfire as the sun goes down. There’s nothing like watching the sun light up those orange trees as it sets in the distance.

Bonus: Take a scenic cruise across the lake to capture every angle possible on the Spirit of Queenstown.

Our Pick: Again, so far South you’ll be wanting something a little more solid for your journeys across the flat expanses, so we’d suggest a station wagon, or SUV.



A more mainstream option if you’re looking for something closer to civilization is heading to Rotorua. Not far from the main city center, you’ll find a forest tucked away right under your nose! Our Redwoods are the sleeping giants of Rotorua, and nothing makes them come alive like the shedding of their old cones and leaves, ready for a fresh batch in Spring. There are night time tours, canopy adventures, or you can go solo through the and trail one of the many sign-posted walks within.

Bonus:Take a picnic into the trees and have a nice family lunch underneath the towering Redwoods!

Our Pick: We’d recommend getting a neat little compact to run you down to Rotoura from Auckland. With motorway most of the trip, these tidy little zippers are just what you need!



Without question the home of Autumn in New Zealand, you’ll see sights like you never have before. The crisp leaves will drop and cover the ground in a blanket, perfect for a nice crunch as you go out for an early evening walk. The peak time to be experiencing Arrowtown is in April just as the leaves are beginning to fall. It’s such a renowned place to be in Autumn that they even have their own festival dedicated to it, so if you can, definitely check out this showcase of Autumn beauty!

Bonus: After a chilly day out and about, head to the spa at Millbrook (hidden in those stunning orange trees) to relax and feel pampered in paradise.

Our Pick: A family sedan would be perfect for three or four visitors to Arrowtown, and the right level of luxury for a comfortable drive.


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