Find road trip highlights, attractions, things to do & what to see when travelling from Christchurch to Akaroa via the Banks Peninsula. 

Auckland to Wellington via Rotorua and Hawkes Bay – 3 or 4 Days

Auckland to Wellington via the Central Plateau – 2-3 Days

Auckland to Bay of Plenty, East Cape, Gisborne and Taupo, return – 3 or 4 Days


Auckland to Bay of Plenty, Rotorua and Hobbiton, return – 2-3 days

Auckland to Cape Reinga return – 5 days

We count down the list of our favourite South Island Roadies, everything from a few days to a couple of weeks, we’ve got your insider’s guide!

Heading to Queenstown soon? Constantly after your next fix of adrenaline? We’ve put together our top 9 spots to get your heart pumping while you’re down in the adventure capital of New Zealand.


It’ll be like no Christmas you’ve ever had before! Leave the puffer jackets and heaters at home, it’s all fun in the sun down in New Zealand this Christmas.

1) Presents By the Lake

Canterbury is an excellent area to explore, with many hidden gems near Christchurch. An easy road trip will get you to destinations that have much to offer, whether that’s a relaxing weekend, or an adventurous day trip.

So you’re taking the kids on a road trip. There’s nothing quite as daunting as the dreaded “Are we there yet?” yells. So we’ve put together a guide for you to keep the kids entertained while you're on the road.


With thousands of kilometers of coast, it’s going to be hard to see every beach in New Zealand, but we’ve put together a list of the highlights so you don’t miss out!


Ninety Mile Beach

We’ve all been there; on the way to the airport, listing the things we remembered. And then next moment you’ve landed in a foreign country and you’ve forgotten your favourite pair of shorts.

Need a break from the big city, or running away to New Zealand for the summer? We’ve got the insider track on some amazing getaway locations so you can take a break and relax in style.



New Zealand has some stunning flora, and what better time to explore the gardens than in Spring? Wherever you are in the country, you’re not far from an oasis of flowers.


Our favourite way to spend the winter is by steaming up in a hot pool, so we've put together an insider's guide to where to find the best hot pools around New Zealand.


Getting ready for your trip to the cold shores of New Zealand this winter? Unsure if all those Lord of the Rings snow storms are a reality? We’re here to put you and your snow chain concerns at ease.

The Coromandel Peninsula is quite possibly the most beautiful peninsula on Earth. So we put together this helpful list of to-do’s when you reach it. Remember, the roads are windy, and the hills are steep, take extra care when driving.

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