Mode's Guide to Campervans

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Choosing the right campervan means the difference between a good holiday and a great one.

Here at Mode, we’ve outlined all you need to know when making an informed decision.



A self-contained campervan is a vehicle that can function without outside resources for three days. This requires the campervan to be fitted with a toilet and fresh and waste-water containment.


Where can campervans be used?

There are many commercially run camping areas like motor camps or holiday parks, and some other options that have facilities that allow any sort of campervan to stop there. So there are plenty of options when travelling in a non-self-contained camper.

However, there are some other places without facilities, commonly called freedom camping sites. As most of these freedom camping sites have no toilet or other water-based facilities, only campervans properly certified as meeting the self-containment requirements may camp there. Fines may be issued if non-certified campervans are found camping in these places.

We recommend you check the campsite requirements before you book or stay. For more information about freedom camping, please visit the Government Guidelines website.


2 Berth Specialists

It’s become clear to us that our most requested vehicles were 2 berth campers, so we wanted to devote more time and resources into becoming specialists in the area. So rather than spending time creating bigger campers with different bells and whistles, we want to focus on getting 2 Berth campers perfect. We’ve developed a range of 2 Berth options for our customers, ranging from the most basic of setups, to self-contained homes on wheels.


Self-Contained Camper Options

Sizes generally range from cosy two-person campervans to luxury six-person behemoths. A great way to spend a few months travelling the country, opening up access to freedom camping sites.


2 Berth Self-Contained Campervan (Powered)

Unlike our regular 2 berth campervan, this one's self-contained, which opens up your possible locations for camping. Each self-contained powered campervan is kitted out with everything you need, including a toilet and a fridge, plus a heap of space for all your gear.

The powered camper has a separate house battery which the fridge runs off, and can keep the fridge cool for a few days off the grid, so if you’re planning on really getting stuck into the wilderness, this one is definitely for you.

Peak Season Two Week Rental:$2,492 - $2,328 ($89 - $91 Per Day)

Peak Season Four Week Rental:$2,996 - $3052 ($107 - $109 Per Day)

Winter Season Two Week Rental:$238 - $252 ($17 - $18 Per Day)

Winter Season Four Week Rental:$448 - $476 ($16 - $17 Per Day)

Check out dates and availability for our Powered Self-Contained 2 Berth Campers.


2 Berth Self-Contained Campervan (Non-Powered)

The same as the self-contained camper above, only instead of a fridge we’ve slotted in a nice chilly bin. If you’re not looking at heading off the grid, this is a great option to tackle jumping from town to town with frequent supermarket visits.

Peak Season Two Week Rental:$2,492 - $2,548 ($89 -$91 Per Day)

Peak Season Four Week Rental:$2,688 - $2,744 ($96 - $98 per day.)

Winter Season Two Week Rental:$224 - $238 ($16 - $17 Per Day)

Winter Season Four Week Rental:$420 - $448 ($15 - $16 Per Day)

Check out dates and availability for our Self-Contained 2 Berth Campers.


Budget Camper

If you're booking last minute or on a budget, try our no-frills camper. The Budget Camper might be perfect for you. It’s comfortable for sleeping in and is designed for minimalist campers who don't plan to use their own cooking facilities. It's a van with a mattress on the floor and window coverings for privacy, with a bunch of customisable extras available to add and as you need them, it’s our most flexible rental!

Peak Season Two Week Rental:$882 - $910 ($63 - $65 Per Day)

Peak Season Four Week Rental:$1,904 - $1,960 ($68 - $70 Per Day)

Winter Season Two Week Rental:$168 - $196 ($12 - $14 Per Day)

Winter Season Four Week Rental:$308 - $336 ($11 - $12 Per Day)

Check out dates and availability for our Budget Camper.

*Changes in price may vary due to seasonal availability and size of the vehicle. All prices in NZD.

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