Advantages of Renting a Van For Your House Move

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Moving homes is a stressful process at the best of times, between packing up all of your belongings, ensuring that everything gets to your new place in one piece and the costs involved to hire removalists. Here at Mode Rentals, we believe that moving houses should be easy and affordable, which is why we’ve collected six handy advantages of why hiring a moving van is better than professional removalists for your next relocation. Don’t forget to check out our range of Moving Mode cargo vans and trucks to hire, which are perfect for all types of relocations around New Zealand. 



Hiring professional removalists to relocate your possessions can be incredibly costly in New Zealand. People who shift to another area or region further away can easily spend thousands of dollars employing a moving company to do the work, whilst hiring a cargo van or truck would cost you a fraction of the price.



Using a van to transport belongings to your new abode means that you can save time compared to using your car. Increasing the load capacity of a single trip will mean the move will be more time effective, as multiple car trips in the day will take up precious daylight hours and tire you out. Mode Rentals vans and cargo trucks have a range of load capacities to suit the amount of space you need, saving far more time than multiple trips in a car with a smaller load capacity.



Renting a van instead of professional removalists mean that you’ll have the freedom to pack everything at your own time and pace, meaning that you can drive it to your destination when you’re ready. This will make the process far more efficient, as waiting or rushing on someone else’s time generally slows down productivity and the process.


Packing crockery in brown paper for moving house



There’s not a ‘normal’ amount of belongings for people to own; instead, it generally depends on the number of people in your household, the lifestyle and individual preferences. Hiring a van from Mode Rentals allows you to pick the perfect vehicle for the number of possessions you’re relocating.



Long-distance relocations can be costly, even after comparing multiple moving companies and their rates. Mode Rentals have five branches located around New Zealand, meaning that you can pick up a vehicle from one location and drop it off at another by arrangement during the booking process, making moving from one island to the other easier than ever before.


Peace of Mind

Removalists are generally not liable for damages to items during the moving process, but this varies between each company. Many people still supervise a moving company to ensure that their belongings get to the destination unbroken. Instead, do it yourself and handle your belongings the way you’d prefer; you’ll save yourself time, money and stress.


Woman carrying a large cardboard box


Things to Consider when Renting a Van to Move House

When you’re planning to move with a rental van or cargo truck, don’t forget to think about these three factors:


1. How much room do you need to move everything? How much stuff do you own? Rental vans and trucks for relocating come in a range of load capacities, so think about how much space you’ll really need.
2. You’ll need to acquire boxes, tape, other moving gear and accessories that relocation companies tend to provide for you. Don’t wait until the moving day to get this; plan ahead and start your day productively!
3. Remember to calculate the number of hours or days you’ll need to hire the vehicle to move everything. Think about how much work you have to do for your possessions to get from point A to B.


Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Our list of advantages for hiring a moving van will help you evaluate what you need to consider when choosing how to move house. At Mode Rentals, we’ll help you make your relocation as stressless and effortless as possible with our Moving Mode range. Check out our other blogs for more handy tips and tricks!

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