A Thrillseeker's Guide to Queenstown

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Heading to Queenstown soon? Constantly after your next fix of adrenaline? We’ve put together our top 9 spots to get your heart pumping while you’re down in the adventure capital of New Zealand.


Canyon Swing

Remember when your mum said ‘if your friend jumped off a cliff would you?’ well now you can. Literally. Leap off the side of a cliff and let gravity swing you out into the canyon. The swing is over 100 meters high and will swing you 200 meters over a sheer canyon. It’s like the playground swing of your nightmares.

Price: $229

Shotover Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox - Queenstown, New Zealand

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Kawarau Bungy

This is not your regular bungy. The Kawarau Bridge Bungy is suspended over the Kawarau river, giving you the opportunity to bungy downwards and touch the water. There’s nothing like a refreshing dip when you’re screaming for your life.

Looking for a couples adventure? Or you and your bro want to take your bromance to the next level? Take the bungy tandem, stare into each other’s eyes as you plunge.

Price: Adult - $ 205 Child - $155 Student - $175

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Nzone Skydive

What better way to see the sights and hear the sounds of Queenstown than jumping out of a plane at 15,000 ft. The Nzone tandem skydive is one wicked way to take in the beauty of the South Island. After plummeting from the plane, you’ll enjoy a smooth 5 minute parachute ride back to the ground, where we’re certain your legs will feel like jelly.

Price: $449

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Nevis Bungy

At 134 meters, you can tackle the biggest bungy in Australasia. No frills and no extras, just one huge bungy. Free fall for 8.5 seconds before you’re saved from plunging into the rocks, a surefire way to shock your body full of adrenaline.

Price: Adult - $275 Child (over 13) - $245

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Spend a few hours seeing the most serene parts of New Zealand’s woodland jungles. Take a zipline tour through the forest, landing on tree-top platforms with 360 views. You’ll reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers an hour, and when you’re not zooming through the trees, you’ll be treated to stunning views of nature.

They offer a number of tours, including a twilight tour, where after the sun sets, the forest lights up guiding your way through the treetops.

Check out their Kereru Track drop below.

Ziptrek Kereru Drop Taster in 30sec

Learn more about their tours.

Price: From $95 - $195 for a variety of zipline tours

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Ledge Swing

This one isn’t for those with a weak stomach. After taking the gondola up, you’ll get ready in your harness, and on this swing, you release yourself, so no chickening out. After hanging suspended for as long as it takes to get the courage to pull the pin, you’ll drop and pass the gondola, letting all the tourists hear your screams, no matter how manly you think you sound.

They even have nighttime swings, so you can fly out across the brightly lit shores of Queenstown below.

Price: Adult-$165 Child-$115 Student-$135

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Shotover Jet

The Shotover jet is exactly what it sounds like, this high-powered jet boat is gonna shoot you over the water faster than you could possibly imagine. It will be scenic and pretty, right up until you start hurtling down the river through the canyon, dangerously close to the shore.

And if you wanted to sparkle up the intense ride, they offer sunrise and sunset trips. The perfect chance to go on a romantic and terrifying date.

Price: Adult-$149 Child-$79

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Queenstown Rafting

White water rafting done right. Cascade through dark tunnels, thundering rapids, and stomach-turning drops as you navigate your way into Skippers Canyon. They’ve got options for first time rafters as well as experienced rafters, and for those wanting the full experience you can grab a scenic chopper ride to your launch site.

Price: From $239

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Canyon Fox

You’ll be zipping across 445 meters total, there and back, with a sheer 5 meter drop to start you off. This one gives you a real chance to showcase your creative skill with the drop off. Personal favourites include the Sideways Shimmy, Chicken Run, and the Flip.

Whilst this is currently unavailable it should be back up and running soon, and we'll update!

Check out their flip video of drop styles:

Flips - Shotover Canyon Fox Dropstyles

Price: $169

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