The Top 7 Spots for your Kiwi Christmas

Thursday, November 28, 2019

It’ll be like no Christmas you’ve ever had before! Leave the puffer jackets and heaters at home, it’s all fun in the sun down in New Zealand this Christmas.

1) Presents By the Lake

You won’t want to spend a minute indoors on the big day, so start it off in style by opening your presents lakeside with a good bit of Marmite on toast.

2) BBQ at the beach

You’ve seen the ads, now live the dream. Whip up some burgers and kebabs on the barbie and sink into the sand while you eat. After you can take the Christmas tree for a quick surf and tire yourself out.

3) Pavlova and Sunbathing

After snacking on a little desert you’re going to want to relax for a hot minute. So slip, slop, slap and wrap up with sunscreen and take a lie down on the grass while you bake to that golden sheen. (This is also our favourite excuse to sneak in a little nap).

4) Cocktails and a water balloon fight

Freshly napped and feeling energetic, it’s time to head out into the backyard and begin a water balloon war that will be remembered the whole year to come. What better way to cool off than a frozen margarita and a water balloon to the head.

5) Sunset into the ocean

Watch the sun sink on another stunning Christmas by heading up to your nearest coast. The ocean’s never looked so good.

6) Stargazing and eggnog

With the sun gone and the sky darkening now it’s the perfect time to make the most of the low light pollution and watch the sky come alive with thousands of stars. It can get chilly on Summer nights, even in our paradise, so we recommend a little eggnog to keep your face flush and soul warm.

7) Picnic Leftovers and Rugby at the park

It’s Boxing Day, you’re exhausted, maybe feeling the effects of that late-night eggnog, so head down to your nearest park, grab the leftovers and a rugby ball, and spend the day lazing, grazing, and scoring some great tries.

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