Travel NZ On a Budget Using These Apps

Monday, January 14, 2019

If you’re planning on travelling around New Zealand in a camper van, these two apps are a must have.


WikiCamps NZ

Looking for a free place to stay tonight, or just a free hot shower? WikiCamps is a huge database of campgrounds, caravan & RC parks, backpacker hostels, day stops, points of interest, dump points and more.

For only $3.49 NZ you can save a lot of money during your trip. It’s really easy to use and you can even download an offline map (Which can be very useful if you are lost somewhere in Middle-Earth without wifi).

How it works:

You need to find a place to sleep tonight.

You can search via the list and you will find the nearest site sorted by distance from you, or you can scroll through the map.

Once you click on the site you will find all the information you need such as the price and if there are any facilities (toilets/showers, BBQ, pets friendly, Self-contained only).

Traveler's tips: To find a free campsite you need to click on the Green icons and find the one with the slash through the dollar. That means the site is Free. Yes, you are not dreaming, FREE!

You can also rate the site and leave some comments to help other travelers.


Camper Mate

Camper Mate is a free version of WikiCamps. It was developed to help visiting freedom campers find essential facilities near them, such as toilets and rubbish bins. It was in response to the inability for travelers to easily access location-based information ‘on the go’, which was a major cause for the negative impact that some aspects of freedom camping had on the environment.

With similar functions as WikiCamps, just open the menu and select the categories you are looking for.

For example, if you need free Wi-Fi: You can easily select a filter to only display the places with free wifi.

My advice:

WikiCamps and Camper Mate are collaborative apps which mean the sites are updated very often by other travelers. Using the two apps you are guaranteed to find more sites and have more choices.

If I don’t have any luck on WikiCamps, I always check on Camper Mate. This way I always find something.


~ Melody

Travelling the world on a budget.

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