What Should You Look For in a Camper Company?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

We get asked this a lot by our international travelers, so we thought we’d put our ideas into a blog so when the time comes to find your perfect camper, you’ll know what to look for in a company.

First of all we want to start off by saying ___mode isn’t in the business of Motor Homes or Luxury RV’s. There are companies out there who can service this, but we prefer to keep things simple and clean. Your friendly neighbourhood 2 Berth camper specialists. That being said, our golden rules apply to any company in the industry, big and small.

A Company with Multiple Branches and Roadside Assistance

This one is critical. In the rare event (but they sure do happen) that something goes wrong with your vehicle, you’re going to want fast and friendly support. A company with multiple branches across the country is best ready for a situation like this, and one with Roadside Assistance is even better! Here at ___mode we have branches spread across the country, and supply AA Roadside Assist with every one of our vehicles.

An Established Company

While we know it’s important to support companies of every size here in New Zealand, what you don’t want is to engage with a disorganised and unprofessional provider. Deciding on a middle-sized business usually means you get the focused support and attention you deserve, but also a robust system of professional and refined processes to ensure your trip is smooth.

Locally Owned and Operated

It’s never been more important to support the businesses keeping our community afloat. With more and more folding each week, propping up our family-owned businesses keeps jobs in the local area, and maintains our economy. You also won’t find that good old fashioned kiwi attitude at the big franchises. ___mode is proud to be a multi-generational family run businesses.

A Company Who Cares

This one might seem cliche, but we’ve all had experiences with massive and faceless money-driven businesses, and nothing makes you feel undervalued like a generic email and a toneless goodbye. If ___mode is the engine, your journeys are the fuel that keep us going. We love hearing you stories, we want to hear your tips, give you tips, see your instagrams, we want to feel like we were right there with you on the open road!


With a lot of companies it’s one size fits all, and that approach just isn’t enough anymore. You wouldn’t buy a trolley full of groceries you were never going to eat, and we don’t want you to pay for features you never even wanted. You need to find a company that’s willing to let you be in charge of what you want and don’t want. We like to think of ourselves as delivering an adaptable service, choose what you need, leave what you don’t, save money. And with that extra cash, you’ll be able to see and experience more of our beautiful country.

Here at ___mode we’ll do our very best to fulfill any special requirements asked of us. Whether that means specific insurance covers, add one, trinkets, tips and itineraries, we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate you.

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