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We suit all budgets

We do all we can to make sure they’re safe, through regular servicing and sending them for government inspections every six months.

The other good news is the cheap price. We guarantee you won’t find a better price for rental cars of a similar age and quality.

Our policy is to offer you the best deal going. We do that by providing you with the best vehicle in its class that we have available on the day. For that reason we wait until pick-up to tell you exactly which car it will be.

We also promise to provide what you have asked for, or even go one better. So if you book a people mover with seven seats you will get one – or a vehicle with more seats. We also upgrade customers from time to time.

We also want your motoring to be carefree. We provide 24-hour roadside assist, free standard insurance (there is an excess of $3,000) and there’s no surcharge if you’re under 25. Vehicles also have a built-in security system.

Come to us knowing you'll be getting a great vehicle at a very sharp price. If you’re not happy with the vehicle we’ve chosen for you, we’ll gladly find you another one, so long as one is available.