New Zealand's Finest Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New Zealand has some stunning flora, and what better time to explore the gardens than in Spring? Wherever you are in the country, you’re not far from an oasis of flowers.


Located just south of the city centre the Auckland Botanic Gardens are always busy with fresh events. They have cacti, a magnolia garden, and a whole thicket of native trees. The rose garden is by far our favourite!


For a taste of all cultures through flowers, look no further than Hamilton Gardens. With themed sections from India, Italy, Japanese, Chinese, and English flowers, you can tour the world without leaving the Waikato.


Housed on acres of lush green land on the East Coast of the North Island, the Napier Botanical gardens are the perfect place for a nice afternoon walk, or a full family picnic!


Not only is it full of the most vibrant flower displays, the Wellington Botanical Gardens also showcases incredible views over the city.


Full of some of the country’s most amazing sculptures, fountains, and art, the Christchurch botanic gardens also boast a number of conservatories brimming with floral specialties.


Most well known as a hot spot for local bird-life, the Dunedin Botanic Gardens are our furthest south, and coldest. With acres and acres to explore along tree trails and tracks, you can happily spend the day searching along the routes for hidden gems.

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