Our 7 Ultimate North Island Road Trips

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

We lay out our top 7 North Island Roadies, we’ll bring you along from the tip of the Cape, through the sulphur wonderland, past mountains, through gorges, and all the way down to the sloped hills of Wellington.

New Zealand’s North Island is a jigsaw puzzle of wonders and sights. Called Te Ika a Maui in te reo (the indigenous language of New Zealand), the North Island was thought to have been fished up out of the ocean by the god Maui. Symbolising it’s connection to the sea, you’ll never be more than a couple of hours away from the ocean, in fact more often than not, a beach will be within an hour’s drive. That’ll be a recurring theme within our North Island road trips, the constant connection to the ocean! From 90 mile beach to the Bay of Plenty, there’s so much to see while you hop from shores to sand dunes. And when we’re not heading for the beach, we’ll showcase the beauty that is New Zealand’s heart, the Central Plateau offers geo-thermal wonders, mountains aplenty, and some lake’s you’ll dream of for the rest of your life.

With so much to do and so much to see, it would be an impossible task to only have one roadie, so we’ve designed 6 we think will suit everyone and anyone. Think of this series like Pic N Mix lollies, take what you want, leave the black liquorice behind if it doesn’t suit your tastes! We’ve included a day trips itinerary for those not wanting to travel far from Auckland as well!


Auckland to Cape Reinga (Return) - 5 Days

We're kicking off our North Island series with a look at everything worth seeing north of Auckland! The wildlife, cultural sites, and iconic landmarks you won't want to miss!

Auckland to Coromandel (Return) - 3 Days

Next up on our North Island Road Trip tour, a classic! New Zealand's worst kept secret. Famous all around the world for the stunning beaches, amazing flora, and unmissable sights, we present the Coromandel!

Auckland to Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, and Hobbition (Return) - 2/3 Days

We're taking you on a trip across the North Island to the stunning bay of plenty, and back through the geo-thermal wonder of Rotorua, with a quick stop in Middle Earth!

Auckland to Bay of Plenty, East Cape, Gisborne, and Taupo (Return) - 3/4 Days

Starting off strong by heading to the mount, this roadie will take you across the East Coast, through wine country and lake towns, all the while tasting views like you've never seen before, a truly spectacular trip!

Auckland to Wellington via Rotorua and the Central Plateau - 2/3 Days

Heading from the largest city to our capital, this roadie will take you right through the heart of the North Island, past mountains, lakes, and even a giant carrot.

Auckland to Wellington via Rotorua and Hawkes Bay - 3/4 Days

A more scenic tour down to the capital, this little trek will take you past the sulphur wonders of Rotorua, across our biggest lake, and even through some beautiful lavender fields!

Auckland Day Trips

If you're not too keen on leaving the surroundings of the city, check out our guide to some stunning day trips, all within driving distance of Auckland city!

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