Cargo Vans

Cargo Truck

If you're looking for some serious moving power, then try one of our spacious cargo movers.

Whether you're moving to a new house, setting up for a gig, or just need a bit of extra space for equipment, check out one of our flat deck drop side trucks.

Small enough to be easy to drive but big enough to move things fast; this heavy-duty rental can offer you an affordable alternative to hiring a professional mover. DIY, the Kiwi way.

One of the great things about our cargo trucks is that they can still be driven on a regular car license, no truck license required!

Please note that the dimensions below are indicative and may vary slightly between models, please contact us if you have any specific requirements.


  • Mazda Bongo (Flat Deck Drop Side)
  • Manufactured: 2008
  • 1.8L Engine
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel type: Petrol


  • 2 Door truck
  • 3 Seats
  • Hinged rear and side deck panels
  • Deck Space (length): 2.7m
  • Deck Space (width): 1.6m
  • Can be driven on a regular car license


  • Airbags
  • Power steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric windows
  • Central locking
  • FM Radio and CD player

Cargo Vans Dimension Comparison

Cargo Van Standard Cargo Van Large Cargo Truck
Seats 3 3 3
Cargo Space (length) 2.2m 1.8m - 2.7m 2.7m
Cargo Space (width - side to side) 1.4m 1.5m 1.6m
Cargo Space (width - between wheel arches) 1.2m 1.1m n/a
Cargo Space (height) 1.1m - 1.3m 1.1m - 1.3m n/a
Payload weight 680kg 1,250kg 1,000kg