The Most Gram Worthy Places in New Zealand

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

We can’t help you with the moody captions, but we can tell you where you’ll get the best pictures to make all your friends wish they were living your life.

Cape Reinga

Where two oceans meet and there’s a pretty cool lighthouse to boot!


It’s not New Zealand without this staple image. Whether you’re a fan of the films or not, you have to snap the pic.

Wanaka Tree

All year round the Wanaka tree delivers a stunning sight just waiting to be captured.

Cathedral Cove

If it’s good enough for a Taylor Swift music video, it’s good enough for your gram.

Mount Taranaki

This iconic peak is sure to keep jealousy levels high on your feed.

The Blue Spring

If you thought our beaches had beautiful water, you’re going to be astounded when you happen across The Blue Spring.

Mount Cook

The mountain, but also the road that leads to it, are the perfect opportunity for you to post a picture with a quote that makes absolutely no sense.

A Waiheke Island Vineyard

Best get those pictures taken before you start the wine tours, nobody wants blurry Instagrams.

Lake Tekapo

The glassy surface of the lake is so serene you’ll want to meditate for a few minutes before you upload this slice of perfection.

Any sunset at any west coast beach, on any day

Some of our west coast beaches are black sand, but all you’ll be seeing are the bright red filters of a magical sunset.

So grab a rental from us, and start ticking off these Instagram hotspots. Use the code INSTA5 to get a discount!

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