Top Tips to Keep the Kids Entertained on the Road

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Are you planning a road trip across New Zealand with your family? If you're worried about keeping the kids entertained and avoiding the relentless "Are we there yet?"—fear not! Our ultimate guide offers inventive and fun solutions to keep everyone happy as you explore the stunning landscapes of New Zealand.

Plan Regular Stops

You’ll want to stretch your legs regularly, so try and plan ahead, picking nice scenic spots to stop at. And if there’s room, bring a frisbee or a soccer ball so the kids can burn off some steam (And hopefully tire themselves out. Our favorite road trip kid is a sleeping one).

Download a Podcast

If boredom is nearing it might be a great idea to pop on an audiobook or podcast. It’s better than the radio presenters, and far more tailored to your family's interests. Maybe an informative “Stuff You Should Know” podcast, or “Wow in the World” for kids who ask you questions about dinosaurs that you just don’t know the answer to. But if you’re just looking for some good fun storytelling, check out “The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd”, you might even enjoy some yourself. Or for a throwback feel, head to your local library and pick up an audiobook for you and the family to get stuck into.

Create the Perfect Playlist

On the subject of the stereo we recommend getting some playlists that include a mix of children's music and some classics for the adults ready for the drive. Depending on your kids age you could be loading anything from Hi-5 to Taylor Swift. But don’t forget to slip a couple of goodies in for yourselves, some TLC or Darude would go down a treat.

Get the Kids Involved in the Trip Planning

To help get the kids excited and less moody about spending their days in the car, get them involved in the planning, let them pick a stop on the journey, even if you were already planning on heading there, it’ll help the kids feel like they’re helping shape the family trip.

Encourage Photography

Give your kids a digital camera or a polaroid to capture their own memories of the trip. The chances are most of the pics will be on their shoes, but you never know, they might snap some memorable gems.

Healthy Snacks and Strategic Treats

Pack a variety of healthy snacks to keep energy levels stable without the sugar highs. Carrot sticks, nuts, and frozen berries are great for road trips. Of course, keeping a secret stash of sweets for strategic moments can help avert any travel meltdowns.

Play Games in the Car

A surefire way to keep the kids entertained is by having a stock of games at the ready to play. Needing nothing more than imagination, car games can make or break a road trip, so stick these up your sleeve for those bored moments

- I spy, a classic. The first few, Car, Sky, Road, will be easy to get, but as the options narrow the game gets more interesting.

- 20 Questions - Think of a famous person and then the rest of the car has 20 questions to guess who you’re thinking about.

- Would you Rather - get your kids laughing with this one. Ask them to choose between two tough choices. Would you rather unlimited chocolate or never have to go to school again?

- Quiet Game - No better game was ever invented. Simply say, the last person to talk wins something, (now would be a great time to use one of those rationed sweets).

We hope our tips, will help you and your family to have a fun and memeorabel road trip in New Zealand. Whether you’re discovering hidden gems or visiting well-known tourist spots, our tips will hopefully keep everyone entertained on the journey. For reliable car rental options that make exploring New Zealand easy and comfortable, check out our fleet. Let's make your family road trip unforgettable!

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