05 Apr 2016

What to Ask Your Car Rental Company

What to Ask Your Car Rental Company

All the important questions to ask a car rental company.

One of the best and most exciting ways to experience the wonders of New Zealand is to hire a car and discover this amazing country in your own time. Renting a vehicle is a much better option for the adventurous traveller than relying on buses, trains or being tied down to a tour group. With a rental car of your very own you can make detours any time you like and decide for yourself just how long or how little time you want to spend in any one place. Not to mention the many stunning vistas that are only able to be seen as you cruise along the back roads and freeways! If you do make the choice to go with the car rental option, there are a few questions for your car rental company you should keep in mind. In this article we present just a few of the more important questions that every visitor should be asking when they hire a car in New Zealand.

Be Sure That You're Insured

Possibly the most important aspect of renting a car is knowing exactly what type of insurance is needed. Be sure to ask just what type of insurance packages the company can offer you and if there is any excess payable in case of an accident or emergency. You should be sure to go through the insurance details thoroughly and always have the confidence to ask the salesperson to explain anything that is unclear or not understood. Insurance can be a complicated matter, but when travelling a long way from home it is also vital!

Find Out About Fees

Many unscrupulous hire car operators charge expensive fees that customers are simply not aware of until it is too late. Be sure to get precise information about exactly what you are paying for and what options are in place. It is always recommended that you double check any late fees the company may charge as well as any other fees associated with damage to the vehicle. Choosing a reputable and well known car hire company will ensure that everything is above board and won't leave you with any nasty surprises at the end of your trip.

Know Your Limits

Often, car hire companies will place limits on the amount of kilometres you can drive in a given time period. Not being aware of these limitations could see you winding up with a large unexpected bill at the end of your holiday! If you are planning on visiting both islands, it is also worthwhile to ask if the company will allow you to do this and that they do not charge extra.

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